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Have you imagined what your ideal life would look like? How would you feel? Refreshed, Energized, Vibrant, Motivated, Balanced, Healthy, Successful.

At the Perea and Perea Center for Work-Life Wellbeing, we’re here for YOU. We practice from an integrated life philosophy. We want to help you find that healthy, successful lifestyle that you have been wishing for. We’ve found, through our training and our work with clients, that having a trusted advisor, a fresh pair of eyes, someone who can create a plan of attack with on-going support works best.

We will work with you during a series of private consultations to help you figure out what’s working in your work and in your life. We will help you identify what’s not working and then develop a solution-focused action plan to help you achieve your ideal lifestyle. That healthy, happy, successful life that you are seeking. Here’s how you execute with us:

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